Mike Bloomberg 2020

Mike’s Plan:

  • Help people prepare for retirement through safe, government-backed savings plans
  • Reform the system so that low-income seniors and others can afford critical services

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Mike’s Plan:

Raise Americans out of poverty

Mike will introduce a new minimum benefit in Social Security.

Create a retirement-savings plan that works for all

Mike will help people prepare for retirement by providing a government-backed savings plan that cuts out expensive fees, grows money safely and provides a match for low-income workers.

Improve Medicare

Mike will curb out-of-pocket drug costs and expand Medicare to cover routine vision, dental and hearing check-ups.

Build housing security

Mike will increase housing assistance for low-income seniors and back programs that make it possible for them to live at home for longer.

Protect our most vulnerable people

Mike will develop a federal safety net to guard against the catastrophic costs of long-term care, and he’ll protect seniors from predatory financial advisers.

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Mike’s Record:

As mayor of New York, Mike expanded rental assistance and tax exemptions to seniors and the disabled. He used new state rules to increase property tax exemptions for low-income senior homeowners and signed a bill allowing seniors to immediately apply for rent subsidies after a drop in income.

Mike also put an emphasis on helping New Yorkers access financial planning services. He launched $aveNYC, which encouraged low- and moderate-income individuals to set aside money from their tax refunds for savings, and launched PACE, a $1.35 million program providing resources to minority, elderly, and immigrant homeowners and others vulnerable to predatory lenders.

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