Mike Bloomberg 2020

Mike’s Plan:

  • Ensure women have the right and ability to access a legal, safe abortion.
  • Appoint judges who respect established legal precedent.
  • Increase access to affordable birth control.

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Mike’s Plan:

Protect women’s right to obtain a legal, safe abortion

Mike will work with Congress to codify Roe v. Wade to preserve women’s long-established right to an abortion. He will also work to reverse current and prevent future state laws that restrict access to reproductive services. He will enforce laws that protect women and providers – ensuring medical professionals and volunteers who help women are safeguarded against attacks. Mike will encourage states to expand the types of medical professionals permitted to perform abortions, helping to increase women’s access to reproductive health services. Finally, he will empower the FDA to make decisions based on science, including by reviewing its current guidelines for mifepristone, a drug that has been proven safe and effective to terminate a pregnancy, in order to ensure that there are no unnecessary restrictions on this essential medicine.

Mike believes that a woman’s right to choose is fundamental.

Reverse Trump’s attacks on women’s reproductive rights

Mike will appoint judges who respect established legal precedent. He will end Trump’s domestic and global gag rules, which put limits on organizations that receive funding for family planning, and repeal the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding for abortion except to save a woman’s life. Mike also will reverse Trump’s efforts to expand religious and moral exemptions in the Affordable Care Act that undermine access to affordable and effective contraceptives.

Increase access to affordable birth control

Mike will direct federal funding to science-based sex health education. He will boost funding for Title X providers and double federal grants to Community Health Centers. Mike’s strategy to improve health care for all Americans, especially in rural areas, includes expanding broadband access across the U.S. to facilitate telemedicine. He will encourage states to permit the prescription of birth control and mifepristone through telemedicine – ensuring all women in America have access to the care they deserve.

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Mike’s Record:

Mike has spent nearly two decades supporting women’s reproductive rights, spanning his time as mayor and his commitments as a philanthropist.

While he was in office, Mike supported a program that trained all NYC OB-GYN residents in pregnancy termination to improve availability and access to women across New York. He made Plan B pills available at NYC schools in an effort to reduce teen pregnancy and help girls avoid dropping out of school.

Mike has earned the support of prominent reproductive rights organizations for his work to ensure a woman’s right to choose. He was endorsed by NARAL in 2005 and 2009, and won NARAL’s “Champion of Choice” Award in 2005, Planned Parenthood’s “Walk the Talk” Award in 2012, and Planned Parenthood’s Global Citizen Award in 2014.

Following the Komen Foundation’s decision to cut its Planned Parenthood funding in 2012, Mike pledged to donate $250,000 of his own money to Planned Parenthood.

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