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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been devastated by a series of catastrophic storms and hurricanes, a debt crisis, and severe austerity measures that have crippled public services that residents depend on. But instead of investing in Puerto Rico’s long-term development and safety, President Trump has delayed and restricted federal aid for recovery and intervened in budget negotiations to cut Medicaid funding to the island.

Mike’s plan supports equal status and equal rights for Puerto Rico. He will strengthen the island’s infrastructure and economy, putting the island on track for growth and prosperity, and ensure that Puerto Rico gets the support provided to other American citizens.

Mike’s Plan:

  • Support full statehood for Puerto Rico
  • Audit Puerto Rico’s debt and implement a new debt relief plan
  • Expedite aid for a stronger reconstruction, and help Puerto Rico build for the future
  • Help Puerto Rico increase its resilience to climate change and natural disasters, and transition to clean energy

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Mike’s Plan:

Ensure equal status for Puerto Ricans

Mike will support statehood for Puerto Rico, subject to approval by Puerto Rican voters. In the meantime, he will ensure that all Puerto Ricans receive the same benefits and rights as other American citizens. As a territory, Puerto Rico has no vote in Congress, and it receives lower per-capita funding for essential programs like Medicaid. Mike’s economic plan will provide fair safety net funding to Puerto Rico, including full funding for Medicaid, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the Child Tax Credit, as well as full Social Security benefits.

Relieve the burden of debt and austerity

Mike’s plan will boost Puerto Rico’s growth and development. The territory’s debt crisis and the austerity measures imposed by the federal oversight board continue to limit the island’s recovery and development. Mike will appoint new members to the oversight board who will put party politics aside and work for the best interests of Puerto Ricans. He will demand a full independent audit, overseen by a representative board, and implement a plan that ends cuts to essential services, invests in Puerto Rico’s growth, and promotes good governance.

Mike marches in the National Puerto Rican Day parade in New York City.
Mike marches in the National Puerto Rican Day parade in New York City.

Expedite aid for a stronger reconstruction

Mike’s plan will ensure that Puerto Rico gets the immediate disaster relief aid it needs and use it to rebuild with stronger infrastructure that positions the island for economic growth. The federal government continues to withhold billions of dollars — and when aid does get released, local communities have too little say in the allocation and reconstruction process. Mike’s plan will expedite aid for reconstruction and engage the community in planning and implementing projects that build 21st-century sustainable and resilient infrastructure, create good jobs, and support local business development.

Bolster resilience and accelerate the transition to clean energy

Mike’s plan will strengthen Puerto Rico’s resilience against the growing impacts of climate change and accelerate progress toward a 100% clean energy system. Mike’s plan will support Puerto Rico’s efforts to update the current electric utility and build a renewable energy system that is more resistant to future disasters. The plan will also strengthen the island’s infrastructure against storms, flooding, and other effects of climate change.

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Mike’s Record:

Mike has been a longtime supporter of Puerto Rico.

While Mike was mayor of New York City, the city was home to the largest Puerto Rican population in the world outside the island, and Puerto Rican voters in the city played an important role in his election. He committed to working closely with the territory on their shared business, education, and policy goals, and to giving the Puerto Rican community a voice in his administration. As mayor, he made several visits to the island, including a 2002 trip to mark the 50th anniversary of the Puerto Rican constitution.

Through his philanthropy, Mike supports projects that benefit Puerto Rico, including public health initiatives and the arts.

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