Mike Bloomberg 2020

Mike’s Plan:

  • Make mental health services more affordable
  • Increase mental health screenings
  • Emphasize suicide prevention
  • Increase supportive housing
  • Pass a national red flag law
  • Improve the economic outlook to reduce stress to American families

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Mike’s Plan:

Make mental health services more affordable

Mike will enforce mental health parity laws to ensure that insurance companies are providing beneficiaries with comprehensive mental health services and making copays affordable.

Increase mental health screenings in school and primary care

Mike will make sure that school personnel receive effective training for how to identify and help youth in crisis. In primary care, Mike will improve screening and treatment for depression, including for adolescents, and will make sure that residency programs for the appropriate specialties train providers in suicide prevention. Mike will also expand community training for doctors and psychiatric nurses and will increase the number of practicing psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses in rural areas.

Emphasize suicide prevention

Mike will increase funding for national suicide prevention programs through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which partners with state and local groups to run the national suicide prevention hotline. Mike will also encourage public-private partnerships with groups like Crisis Text Line that provide text services and counselors to help people in crisis.

Veteran suicide prevention

Mike will expand Defense Department suicide-prevention programs by improving data collection, outreach and mental health screening. Mike also will authorize Veterans Affairs to hire more mental health care providers, increase the number of sites where veterans can access telehealth services, and better connect every service member transitioning from military to civilian to VHA health care.

Increase supportive housing

To help those suffering from mental illness that has led to homelessness, Mike will expand permanent supportive housing, which provides stability to the chronic homeless. He will also provide services to address substance use disorders and help people move on to independent living.

Pass a national red flag law

Mike will instate a national red-flag law to allow family members to get a judge’s order to temporarily remove firearms from people who seem likely to harm themselves or others. He will also use 48-hour waiting periods for gun purchases to help prevent impulsive suicides.

Improve the economic outlook to reduce stress to American families

Poor mental health doesn’t occur in a vacuum. There is a lot of evidence that anxiety and depression are correlated with financial stress. Mike’s agenda for America will create more good jobs with good pay to improve the financial, mental, and physical health of Americans.

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Mike’s Record:

As mayor of New York City, Mike made it a priority to invest in mental health care.

In 2005, Mike launched WeCare, a program that gave low-income New Yorkers who faced barriers to employment – such as mental health problems – help in searching for and getting jobs.

Mike launched a $1.3 billion city hospital capital improvement program — the largest capital improvement plan in the city’s history — which included expanding mental health care services for New York City residents.

Mike also formed a partnership with city hospitals to improve trauma services for children in the welfare and the juvenile justice systems.

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