Mike Bloomberg 2020


President Trump pledged to fix our infrastructure, but he has delivered nothing. Traffic is getting worse, roads are unsafe, airports are congested, many communities have contaminated drinking water and millions of Americans still lack access to high-speed internet. Our infrastructure remains dependent on fossil fuels, contributing to the climate-change problem when it should be part of the solution. All this weakens our economy, harms family budgets, and puts lives at risk. Mike’s infrastructure plan will tie investments to clear goals: better roads and transit options, safer bridges, clean drinking water, a zero-carbon electric grid, and access to broadband.

Mike’s Plan:

  • Build a smarter, lower-emissions transportation network
  • Repair 240,000 miles of roads and 16,000 bridges by 2025
  • Ensure airports can handle more passengers
  • Expand broadband access to all Americans by 2030
  • Ensure clean water for all Americans
  • Invest in clean energy, transportation and buildings

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Mike’s Plan:

Bring measurement and accountability to infrastructure spending

Mike will set national infrastructure goals and require states to prioritize maintenance and repair. Mike’s plan will create the first-ever national map that traces all road, rail, transit, air, and freight routes, to identify where gaps and obstacles exist, and will leverage data from both the public and private sectors to make smarter decisions on transportation investments and safety.

Reduce congestion and bottlenecks to get America moving

Mike’s plan will fix 240,000 miles of roads and 16,000 bridges in four years, and dedicate $850 billion over 10 years to building and upgrading roads, bridges, dams and other infrastructure — helping to create millions of jobs. Mike will also establish a $1 billion annual “pothole” fund to make emergency repairs and will triple annual federal investment in public transit, including $12 billion per year for a new operating assistance program to improve service and attract new users.

Mike Will Rebuild America for a Cleaner, Greener Future

Millions of Americans struggle daily with the effects of crumbling infrastructure. Mike Bloomberg knows how to fix it. As mayor of New York City, he rebuilt critical infrastructure and reduced the city’s carbon footprint.

Across America, including in the 14 states voting on Super Tuesday, Mike will upgrade roads and bridges, expand access to broadband, and make infrastructure more resilient in the face of extreme weather.


Make roads and homes safe

Mike’s plan includes the first-ever national effort to reduce road fatalities. By implementing smarter road design standards, better rules, and stronger enforcement, his plan can save 20,000 lives by 2025. Mike’s plan will also bring safe, clean drinking water to communities across America, starting with cities in crisis such as Flint and Newark.

Clean our air and accelerate the transition to a 100% clean energy economy

Mike’s plan will invest in clean energy and a modern electrical grid to support it. He’ll update our transportation system to reduce carbon pollution and save families money, by investing in transit and making pollution-free electric vehicles affordable and convenient to charge. And he’ll upgrade America’s building stock to reduce pollution and lower energy costs for families and business owners.

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Mike’s Record:

Mike Bloomberg has long been a champion of investing in infrastructure — both as a critical economic priority and to protect our health and safety.

As mayor, Bloomberg launched a comprehensive strategy that identified challenges affecting growth and set goals for New York City’s infrastructure. He invested more than $5 billion to fix the city’s 6,000 miles of roads and nearly 800 bridges. He invested $2.7 billion to finish a state-of-the-art water tunnel and built more than 400 miles of bike lanes and six new express-bus corridors. He also completed the first city-funded expansion of America’s largest urban train system in half a century.

Mike launched the most ambitious clean buildings plan in any U.S. city, which helped to drive down the city’s carbon footprint by 13%. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Mike brought together city agencies to develop the most comprehensive climate resiliency plan of any U.S. city.

Mike also reduced traffic deaths 30% through innovative street designs and smart traffic management, while transforming traffic-clogged streets into pedestrian plazas. These improvements have become best practices in cities across the U.S. and around the world.

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