Mike Bloomberg 2020

Immigration Reform

Our broken immigration system isn’t working for any of us. Congressional inaction — compounded by President Trump’s cruel and inhumane policies — has created chaos at the border, separated families and trapped millions of immigrants in legal limbo.

As the grandson of immigrants, Mike understands that immigration has been and always will be one of America’s greatest strengths. His plan focuses on reclaiming America’s role as the beacon of opportunity for people around the world and tapping into the dedication and entrepreneurial spirit of immigrants to grow our economy and enrich our communities.

Mike’s Plan:

  • Protect Dreamers
  • End family separation at the border
  • Rescind Trump’s travel ban against Muslim-majority countries
  • Create a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people
  • Shift resources from Trump’s wall to smart security measures
  • Create place-based visas to address unmet economic and social needs

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Mike’s Plan:

Restore fairness, transparency and accountability to the immigration system

Mike’s plan will protect Dreamers and TPS holders and create an earned pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented. Mike will reform Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), implementing sensible immigration enforcement priorities that promote public safety and national security. Mike will also end construction of Trump’s ineffective wall, invest in smart security measures and upgrade our ports of entry to protect the border and increase efficiency.

Open America’s doors to the immigrants our communities and economy need

Mike’s plan will modernize our legal immigration system while protecting and investing in U.S. workers—and will protect all workers, including immigrants, from exploitation and labor violations. Mike will make employment-based immigration more responsive to economic conditions and reduce the backlogs that keep families apart. He will implement policies that attract job-creating innovators and entrepreneurs and create new place-based visas that allow localities to address unmet needs.

End policies that run counter to our deepest values as Americans

Mike will rescind President Trump’s disgraceful travel ban, end family separations at the border, establish rigorous safeguards for children, and promote alternatives to detention for individuals and families who pose no threat to public safety. Mike will set the annual refugee resettlement target at 125,000 and also restore fairness and timeliness to the asylum process. And he will honor and protect immigrant service members, veterans and their families.

Give new Americans and their neighbors the tools they need to thrive together

Mike will encourage eligible immigrants to become U.S. citizens by clearing the naturalization backlog, reducing the naturalization fee and investing in community-based efforts to promote citizenship, including English and civics courses and immigration legal services. Mike will create a federal Office of New Americans to support the integration of newcomers, offer CDBG funding for projects that bring promote cohesion and community-building in places experiencing demographic change, and launch a national competition to support job-creating entrepreneurs.

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Mike’s Record:

Mike has been a passionate champion for welcoming immigrants and fixing our broken immigration system.

As mayor of one of the world’s most diverse cities, Mike worked to make sure that all New Yorkers, including immigrants, felt welcomed and empowered to succeed. As part of this effort, Mike launched new programs to help immigrant entrepreneurs start and grow businesses and connect immigrants to legal assistance and social services.

Mike made New York City’s 311 government services hotline available in 170 languages and required city service agencies to provide translation and interpretation. He also ensured confidentiality of immigration status for all people who interacted with the City’s government.

Mike’s Office of Immigrant Affairs was called a global model for cities seeking to better integrate and serve immigrant communities. Mike also formed the pro-immigration organization New American Economy, representing more than 500 mayors and CEOs from all 50 states, to advocate for common sense immigration reform.

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