Mike Bloomberg 2020

E-Cigarettes and Vaping

Time and again President Trump has promised to take on the vaping epidemic that is putting the health of young Americans at risk — and time and again he has caved in the face of pressure from the vaping industry. Mike knows there’s not a moment to waste when it comes to addressing the epidemic of e-cigarette use among teens — and that it’s critical we treat it as the public health crisis it is.

Mike’s Plan:

  • Ban all flavored e-cigarettes
  • Limit the amount of nicotine in vaping and tobacco products
  • Raise taxes on all tobacco products
  • Mandate that insurers cover programs that help people quit smoking

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Mike’s Plan:

Ban flavored tobacco products of all kinds

Mike knows that kids are most attracted to flavored tobacco products, and he’ll immediately work to ban all flavored e-cigarettes. He’ll also ban menthol-flavored cigars and conventional cigarettes.

Improve safety and cut back on addiction

Mike knows that right now, despite the clear danger e-cigarettes pose, they are woefully unregulated. Mike will change that by ordering the FDA to speed up its review of e-cigarettes, and he’ll also lower the amount of nicotine in tobacco products below addictive levels.

“We can’t lose any more teenagers to addiction and I’m prepared to take on the vaping industry from day one to stop it.”

Reduce all tobacco use by increasing taxes

Mike will discourage tobacco use by raising taxes on all tobacco products so that they are in line with those imposed on conventional cigarettes — and discourage people from starting in the first place.

Make it easier for people to quit

Mike will require that health insurance cover counseling and smoking cessation medicines. And he’ll use revenues from taxes on tobacco to help cover the cost of programs that help people quit.

Get the facts

Mike has a favorite saying, “In God We Trust. Everyone else bring data.” To tackle the smoking epidemic, we need to get the facts. As president, Mike will restore and increase funding for data collection on smoking and vaping in America.

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Mike’s Record:

Mike Bloomberg has been one of the world’s most effective champions in the effort to reduce tobacco use.

As mayor, Mike led the passage of historic legislation that made New York City one of the first American cities to ban smoking in restaurants and bars. Mike’s leadership inspired a national movement and today over 80% of Americans are covered by state or local smoke-free air laws.

As a result of the new law, a higher cigarette tax, free nicotine patches and a public awareness campaign, New York City’s adult smoking rate declined more than 25% from 2002 to 2012. The smoking rate among New York City public high school students fell by more than 50% during approximately the same period of time. Mike’s efforts prevented 10,000 premature deaths over a decade, while average life expectancy in New York City saw a three-year increase, outpacing national trends.

Since 2007, Mike has committed more than $1 billion to combat tobacco use worldwide, estimated to save more than 35 million lives.

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