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All-In Economy

President Trump likes to claim this is the best economy in history. But that ignores the fact that economic growth is concentrated in a relatively small number of regions — and families in America’s former manufacturing, agricultural and other industrial centers are struggling.

Mike’s All-In Economy agenda includes a series of initiatives that will bring jobs and income growth to people and communities that have been shortchanged by the Trump administration.

Mike’s Plan:

  • Invest in local communities to create jobs of the future
  • Modernize education and training
  • Increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour
  • Enhance worker rights and benefits
  • Support entrepreneurship
  • Better connect rural communities to growth centers

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Keep in touch

Keep in touch

Mike visits the Johnson family farm near Wells, Minnesota -- one of thousands of communities across the country that Mike will make sure doesn’t get left behind.
Mike visits the Johnson family farm near Wells, Minnesota — one of thousands of communities across the country that Mike will make sure don’t get left behind.

Mike’s Plan:

Create the jobs of the future in communities today

Mike will launch a major R&D initiative to create up to 30 new growth hubs in regions that need good jobs the most. The investment — modeled on the federal programs that brought us the Internet and the biotech industry — will focus on generating scientific breakthroughs in areas such as public health, hydrogen power, green technology and sustainable agriculture. It will reward places with the best plans to improve infrastructure, enhance education and promote the inclusion of underrepresented groups. Mike also will invest in community college partnerships and apprenticeships that connect people with good-paying jobs and career paths.

Make education and training a national priority

Mike will work with states to upgrade America’s career-training system through major new investments in community and technical colleges and through partnering with employers. He will invest in apprentice programs, with the goal of boosting apprenticeship starts to 1 million a year by 2030. He will streamline the government’s 43 employment and training programs, pool their resources and focus funding on those that deliver the best results for people.

Make work pay

Mike’s plan will enhance the Earned Income Tax Credit, pay it monthly and pay more where it’s most needed. Mike will also increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, linked to growth in earnings, and ensure affordable child care, paid family leave and the right to sue employers for harassment and discrimination. And his plan will grant all workers — including gig, contract and franchise employees — the right to organize and bargain collectively.

Mike’s All-In Economy agenda focuses on spreading good jobs with good pay across America

Tap into the job-creating energy of entrepreneurs

Mike will help communities across the country set up the most effective possible one-stop shops for entrepreneurs to help them access capital, navigate bureaucracy and take advantage of federal programs. He will invest in local ideas that work, by focusing funding on programs that deliver real, measurable results — particularly for underrepresented groups such as minorities, women, veterans and people with disabilities.

Connect rural communities

Mike’s plan includes improving rural America’s connection to growth centers – for example, by investing in rural broadband access. He will empower a single authority to coordinate various federal assistance programs. He also will provide an extra incentive for businesses to locate and employ people in distressed communities, through a placed-based Earned Income Tax Credit that lowers costs for employers.

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Mike’s Record:

Mike Bloomberg has an unmatched record of job creation.

As an entrepreneur, Mike built one of the world’s most successful companies from scratch. What began in an office with four people, one coffee pot and zero customers is today an organization that employs nearly 20,000 people.

As mayor, Mike led New York City through the recovery of 9/11 and two major national recessions, helping create nearly half-a-million new jobs — many in the neighborhoods that needed them most.

Mike focused job-creation efforts in industries that diversified the city’s economy and created opportunities for New Yorkers up and down the economic ladder — including tourism, biotech and technology. In doing so, Mike and his team wrote one of the great comeback stories in American history.

Mike unveils his All-In Economy initiative in Chicago, Illinois on January 8, 2020.
Mike unveils his All-In Economy initiative on January 8, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois.
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