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Mike Bloomberg 2020 Releases Anti-Trump Creative Assets to the Public

March 11, 2020

Campaign spent more than $275 million on anti-Trump related paid media to remind voters of his failures and broken promises

NEW YORK — Beginning in December 2019, Mike Bloomberg’s 2020 presidential campaign launched a massive $275 million media blitz to remind voters of President Trump’s failures and broken promises. Until the Bloomberg campaign kicked off this effort, Trump had been running virtually unopposed in the key states that will decide the 2020 election. And if it were not for the Bloomberg campaign, Trump would have continued running unopposed until Democrats officially select their nominee and switch their full focus to the incumbent president.

To view the TV, digital, and out-of-home ads that Mike Bloomberg’s team ran to take the fight directly to Donald Trump, click here. The Bloomberg campaign is making all of its creative assets available to the public to download and share on their own networks.

According to Advertising Analytics, the Trump campaign and his allies spent more than $34.5 million in paid media nationally and in battleground states in 2019 before Mike Bloomberg entered the race, including $30 million in digital ad spending and $3.1 million on TV ads nationally. This paid media investment went largely unanswered by Democrats.

  • Digital: $30M
  • National TV: $3.1M
  • Local TV: $1.42 million in battleground states: Florida: $80K, Pennsylvania: $800K, Wisconsin: $28K, Michigan: $75K, North Carolina: $440K

Mike Bloomberg 2020 filled the void by spending more than $275 million on paid media to remind voters of Trump’s failures and broken promises while in office. This investment included TV, digital and outdoor advertising:

  • The Bloomberg campaign spent $225 million on television ads that reinforced Mike’s message that Trump was not fit to be president: More than $175 million was spent in local markets, including all battleground states; more than $45 million was spent nationally; 31 different TV spots
  • The Bloomberg campaign spent $49.6 million in digital anti-Trump ads. More than 220 digital creative assets were produced. The ads received almost 3 billion impressions on Facebook and YouTube. This represents part of the $100 million that Mike committed to spending on anti-Trump digital ads in November 2019, even before he announced his campaign for president
  • The Bloomberg campaign spent $671,664 in its innovative use of outdoor (out-of-home) advertising. This included: Trolling Trump on the Las Vegas Strip and in Phoenix before Trump rallies in each state; Additional anti-Trump billboards in Super Tuesday states, Michigan, and in front of the White House; The billboards received an estimated 33 million impressions
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